Turn in a Wheel – Instruction

Turn in wheel (Rotating the wheel in a circle) – strengthens and loosens back

  • Breathe in as circle up and out as circle down. Keep back straight.
  • Bend over and begin circling from waist toward left. Make a full circle with firm foundation 3 times and then repeat to the right. Move slowly and smoothly keeping in the comfort zone.
  • Breathe in as come up and out as go down.

This exercise can be wonderful for people with low back issues but they need to move slowly and adjust the movement to be in their comfort zone of mobility.  Make it smaller to begin with and then make the movement bigger as the back relaxes.

Warning: the back is not meant to both bend over and rotate (turn side ways) at the same time.  Be sure to not twist/rotate to the side while doing the movement, especially if one has low back issues.  A common error people make is bending over and turning to lift an object (like a laundry basket) and can injure their back.

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