Learn the Movement Exercises -Tai Chi Movements (20) Instruction

Learn the Movement Exercises -Tai Chi Movements


Protect the the knee Introduction (1.5 min)


  1. Tai chi start (1 min)
  2. Open the curtains
  3. Rainbow dance
  4. Swimming (rolling shoulders)
  5. Separate the clouds
  6. Row the boat
  7. Lifting the ball (1 min)
  8. Turn and look at the moon (1 min)
  9. Patty cake (1 min)
  10. Wave rolls in (1.4 min)
  11. Cloud Hands
  12. Punching / ride horse
  13. Wild flying goose
  14. Turn in a wheel
  15. Wave rolls in
  16. Flying pigeon (1.2 min)
  17. Touch sea (1.5 min)
  18. Marching (1 min)
  19. Tai chi close (1 min)
  20. Tai Chi Walking (3 min)

NOTE: Traditional tai chi forms take many months to learn and have a strong emphasis on subtle body alignment. This simplified tai chi qigong form is a great starting place to learn simple tai chi but long-term work with a teacher is needed to perfect the subtle form alignments and energetics correctly. When in doubt, bend the knees and ground to the earth. We are playing with our tai chi ball, relax and have fun with the movements.

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