by Dr Penny Klein PT, EdD (Qigong in Cancer Care national expert and cancer survivor)
1. STAY IN THE MOMENT. Focus only on the exercises. Let everything else go during your practice time.
2. Only exercise in pain free ranges. The cautionary idiom for practice of both Qigong and Tai Chi is: PAIN, NO BRAIN!
3. Match BREATHING to the exercise.
4. It’s not how much you know, it’s how much you PRACTICE.
5. Strive for daily CONSISTENCY of practice.
6. Find ways to include Qigong exercises into your day. (24-HOUR QIGONG)
7. BE PATIENT, changes and gains occur slowly over time. Qigong is not a short-term INVESTMENT, it is a way of life.
8. When you consider skipping a day of practice, MOTIVATE YOURSELF. These will be the days that you will benefit the most.
9. ENJOY your practice.
“Cancer presents physical, emotional and spiritual challenges for the individual and family. Qigong is an ancient Eastern therapeutic modality that is easy to learn and highly effective in the preservation of quality-of-life for individuals with cancer. It can assist in management of cancer-related challenges, be empowering, and engender self-efficacy, at a time when the individual often feels helpless. Its emphasis on ‘being in the moment’ can give one a period of respite from the disease that can be called upon at will as well as active strategies to address issues of fatigue, loss of sleep quality, anxiety and pain. With advances in modern medical treatment of cancer, the primary question challenging those with cancer is often not ‘Will I survive?’ but rather ‘How will I live?’” – Dr. Penny Klein, cancer survivor
Kathy says – I think this is good advice for all of us.