Bouncing – “Jumping up and down to cure 10,000 illnesses”


Bouncing is a wonderful way to break up stress, tightness, stagnation and congestion in the body. “Bounce” by coming up on the toes and then dropping down on your heels. You should feel the vibration produced travel up the long bones of the body, strengthening the bones and muscles, and breaking up knots and tightness. One can adjust the strength of the vibration by coming up higher and dropping down harder on the heels. I like to do most of my bouncing where I can feel the vibration come up into my shoulders, releasing the tightness from that area. A few times, I drop a bit harder and allow the vibration to come all the up to the top of my head. Each person can adjust it for what is comfortable for them. Ideally, you would bounce for about 60 seconds or until the calves are sore, whichever comes first.

This gentle vibration has been shown by research to help increase bone density, strengthen muscles, and improve circulation, strength, flexibility and balance. It can elevate the mood, increase vitality, and for some people provides relief from joint and muscle pain.

The Chinese name for this exercise is “jumping up and down to cure 10,000 illnesses.” Stagnation and congestion are believed to be major causes of chronic disease in Chinese medicine and this exercise helps to “cure the diseases you never knew you had.” It also helps to relax the mind.