The Four Great Wishes Meditation

A transformative meditation practice to help us develop compassion and Kindness:


  1. Arise the state of mind (emotion) e.g. love. (You must experience it yourself before you can with it for others.)
  2. Wish it for all living beings using the phrase above. Allow the wish to radiate outward from the heart center.
  3. Hold that state of mind as long as possible until moving to the next one. (30 – 60 seconds)

The Four Great Wishes: 

  1. May all sentient beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.  (love)

  2. My they be free from suffering and the inner and outer causes of suffering. (compassion)

  3. May they never be separated from bliss, that is sorrowless.  (joy)

  4. May they abide in equanimity free from attachment and aversion (equanimity)


Note: a sentient being is a living being with the basic mental capacity to seek pleasure and avoid pain. e.g. insect, animal, human being.