Our Energetic World

Our Energetic World

Actual Being

– The real you is an energetic being alive on a different level of reality. It doesn’t belong to you, you belong to it. It emanated you into this realm to help solve its energetic problem/issue.

– It was alive before you were born, and if all goes well, it will be alive after you die.  (it can die from anger or stress inflicted on it, prison of its own creation). E.g. Chronic Fatigue Syndrom – Actual Being has fainted, no energy. Depression – wall between human and actual being for its protection.

-It is on an evolutionary journey toward perfection.  It  must complete the human module to proceed on its journey. (It has completed other modules in other realms and became “enlightened” there)

-Purpose in human realm is to learn how to get along with others and the true nature of compassion (not sentimental, pity, or empathy).

-Enlightenment is an energetic transformation to another way of being. The Awakened Ones. It is not an end point. There is more.  First level is to know energetically the illusory nature of this world & arise true compassion.

-Full and complete Buddhahood is the highest level that interacts with confused form (e.g. human realm). Perfection lies beyond it. There is always more to learn.

-“All living beings are perfection but do not know it.”  Have an inner Buddha nature. Not currently perfected but have the potential to be. Buddhas promised to stay until all beings have reached perfection.

Eternal Religion

-is Perfection calling us home. It responds to the cries of humans in different times and places to answer their questions / needs, resulting in the different religions of this world. It is speaking to the abilities of the beings  and the culture of that time with the goal of moving them forward on their journey home.

-Energetic teachings of Eternal Religion or tantras do not belong to any specific religion. World Teachers heard these teachings and try to speak them in this world. (more or less purely).

-Energetic transmission of teachings and realizations.

-Buddha Shakymuni as world teacher of this time, 2,500 years ago, [for Eastern world. ] (4th of 1000 teachers who will come).

-compassion teachings of Jesus are very similar to compassion teachings of Mahayana Buddhism (greater vehicle – bodhichitta – wish to become enlightened so can benefit all sentient beings).

Jesus :”love God with all your heart” e.g. reliance/refuge and “love others as yourself” (equal, not greater or lessor). The antidote to self cherishing (selfishness) is cherishing others.

Permanantism   goal – be with God. “High maintenance recipient of God’s care”

Transformative  goal– transform to become the one who can help God save all beings.

Human Realm – Human Beings 

This world was not supposed to be a suffering place.

There was a natural and organic method to achieve enlightenment easily when effort was made.

God created this world. It is a perceptual realm that exists in the heart mind of the great being we call God. Everything we see is God.  [like a pure realm or heaven realm before it was contaminated]. He will hold this realm for a set time (100 years e.g. 100 billion human years) and then another being will take on that role  (a position, not a person). Universes expand and contract, worlds are created and then destroyed since beginningless time (time is illusory, not real. Buddhas  exist in a timeless state.)

An elaborate world for living beings to grow and transform. It is supported by a variety of other being assisting him in maintaining it (e.g. nature spirits),  and enlightened beings to help beings in it.

It was not meant to be perfect so we would complete our work and then move on.

A healthy sense of self preservation got out of control and became self cherishing or selfishness

(self > others).

We need to return to balance to resume our natural process of evolution.

There is an Energetic world grid supporting this world. We must be connected to it to have a healthy body.  [Qigong exercises pull energy from this grid and help us connect to it.]

This is a world of time and space so step by step changes can be made for evolutionary progress.

Human being is a very simplified form like a single cell ameba – can add and remove perceptions easily.

Many advanced spiritual beings (learner bodhisattvas on way to perfection) come here to complete work on different issues.

Some places/buildings are energetically connected to the world grid by an Enlightened Being and are a special place of “miracles”  e.g. Lordes because they are connected to reality. All others are illusory, dream like.

Human realm is a Perceptual Realm.  (energetic, quantum reality).

Shifts of consciousness moves from realm to realm. We must be stabilized to stay in this realm.

(e.g. autism – half in this world, half not)

Quantum physics tells us it is made of light, like a hologram, existing on many interpenetrating vibrational levels.

It only exists in our mind – just like the world appears real when we are dreaming at night. Our mind interacts with the energy of this world to create an amazing virtual reality video game (or movie).

Mandala Matrix

– mass of perceptions, creates your world view. Allows you to be in this world.

-difference between Human being & Enlightened Being is perceptions. Enlightened/Awakened Beings know the true illusory nature of reality (not just intellectual but an energetic knowing)

Conventional reality – the world exists with interactions with other beings.  (pinch self, really here conventionally)  “Life is illusory but the lessons are real.”

Ultimate reality – energy – clear light, manifesting in a variety of illusory forms like a dream.

Human state is a consistent dream, or meditative state.

-Actual Being is only looking at itself. It is self referent. It only knows what it knows.  It is getting more and more confused and creating more dysfunction. It projecting self onto others, not really seeing them.

-Actual Being must look at Enlightened Being to learn new things it needs to move forward. It must unravel its obscurations or misunderstandings.   (spiritual practice calls Enlightened Being to us to help us heal.)

Karma – cause and effect.  Actions created imprints on inner minds that must have energetic resolution.

Unresolved issues lead to dysfunctional behavior (e.g. girl in blue shirt was mean to me so not like blue).

Holding onto these unresolved issues creates imbalance in energy system à disease.

Inner minds – levels of mind between gross  conscious mind and actual being. May have many or few based on current level of development. (Undeveloped beings are flat like plywood). Beings with higher development may have many levels of mind.  (Freud had a dirty inner mind, not all minds are like that).

Must purify and align all levels of being to become enlightened.

Transformative Energy Body

– energetic grid of the subtle energy body. May be more or less developed in beings. The level underlying the energy system of human body.

-What is developed in tantric meditations./practices. We need a developed transformative energy body to become enlightened.    [Daoist 5 series is tantric]

-we must develop compassion for all beings before this energy body is completed (or we risk becoming a power being). Mind training in compassion practices is important to destroy the enemy of selfishness. Self respect and compassion for others is balanced.

This is the danger of tantric qigong – we must be grounded in compassion and have worked to rid our selves of delusions like anger, jealousy, greed.  A selfish, powerful energetic being that is power seeking can become like a Hitler and make great harm in this world.

Human energy system manifests the physical body.

-Unaligned energies (e.g. colored by agenda such as anger, jealously) can not work well in the system. Must realign and stabilize energies.

-unresolved emotions and past memories create stuck areas in mind-body interface / grid.

-tantric qigong works to smooth out, realign and stabilize energies in a productive manner.

How the Mind Works  (how to train the mind away from delusions like anger and worry)

We learn by trial and error. We hold and evaluate two positions to determine what is best.1. Perceived benefits that come from the delusion.-Payoff. Why do it?– if we did not believe there is a payoff we wouldn’t do it.2. Drawbacks of the delusion – what harm does it cause?3. Decision-Cost benefit analysis4. Implement the Actual intervention.– stop the behavior ( do) and reject the wrong views that arise (think)-work over time to change if needed. Catch self earlier in the process.5. Substitute a more positive perception. Change the mind.– hold the mind to a pattern with positive perceptions-admire strongly the new perception to help energize it and strengthen it.

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