Meditation on Warm Heartedness (Loving Kindness)

Meditation on Warm Heartedness (Metta or Loving Kindness)

Generate and radiate loving kindness to  the object.
Loving kindness – care for their well being.

Remember how we practiced generating love. We wish them to be happy, have everything they need; be safe and free from harm; feel joy in their life; be at peace and ease in the world.

Do each one at a time. Take your time. Really feel the loving kindness towards the object/person.

1.  Self as other

2. A Good friend

3. A Neutral person e.g. someone you do not know well like the clerk at the grocery store. A stranger.

4. A Difficult person – someone you feel you need to be careful around. Your enemy.

5. All four equally – self, friend, strange, enemy.

6. The Entire universe – start slowly and expend –  your house, neighborhood, town, state, country, world, all worlds.

Then come back and breath deeply.

Notice which elements were easy and which were hard. Keep practicing. This meditation is very healing.

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