Arising Healing Love

Sevenfold Cause and Effect Method

for Arising Healing Love

(Mind Training in Compassion)

from Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s Sea of Compassion Teaching

Healing love  allows for our own healing and helps others relax so they can heal. This seven step method is one method that has been used for centuries to arise healing love.  Exchange of self for others is another method (tonglen).

Please watch the teaching on this topic. Below are the notes  from that discussion.

0. Equanimity – not categorize others as friends, enemies, strangers.

  1. Understand that “all sentient beings have been your mother” in previous lives.
  • That all sentient beings are dear to you.
  • Mother is the ultimate dear one – she created you in her womb, fed you, protected you, and raised you as best she could to be the person you are today (a spiritual practitioner).
  • How easy to feel comfortable with others. How dear they are. This is very healing to our inner sense of intimacy with others as our mother is the most intimate relationship we have.
  • Note -continuity of consciousness  (rebirth/reincarnation) is the way the energetics of this world work.

2.     Remember their kindness to you

  • as your mother, father, sister/brother, friend etc in  this and past lives
  • in this current life, helping you to learn (both supporting and challenging you)
  • Brings you into focus. Come alive in a joyful feeling towards others.

3. Know that you want to repay their kindness.

  • Because they were so kind to you, you owe them something. (energetic debt). You are happy to do it.
  • The best way to help them is as a Buddha to help free them.

4.     Develop love for them

  • Like the attraction force of love that you have for your children.
  • Feel it strongly in your actual being.

5.     Develop compassion

  • The wish for all sentient beings to be free of suffering
  • we can see how terribly beings are suffering and we wish that their suffering would end. They are hurting themselves and others.

6.     Develop a sense of altruism   (personal responsibility)

  • “I alone am responsible for freeing all sentient beings.”
  • This personal sense of personal responsibility energizes us. We are not just working for ourselves, but for all beings.

7.     Healing Love – Altruistic Great Compassion (Bodhichitta) arises.

  • The strong desire/wish to achieve complete and total enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings.