Advice for Finding Lasting Happiness

By understanding how the world works we can eventually find lasting happiness.

1. Avoid actions of body, speech and mind that would cause harm and engage in actions that would help others.

This basic advice understands how the energetics of this world work. (creating energetic potentials)

  • When we do harm to others, we will experience a similar harm. It is not a punishment but simple cause and effect – for every action there is an energetic reaction,  to help us learn that harming others hurts so we should stop doing it.
    • e.g. when other express anger at us anger it hurts, so don’t do it to them. Greed, jealousy, worry, stress, hurt – stop that. Learn now to change your behavior.
  • When we work to benefit others, similar good experiences will come to us.  Virtue attracts more virtue. We should do more of it so we all have a better life.
    • e.g. if we have financial concerns, wishing for all beings to have the resources they need creates positive potentials in the world. Working to benefit others always leads to long-term positives.
  • You can not meet with something unless you have the karma for it (energetic potentials in your mind stream.)
    • We exhaust bad potentials/karma when negative things arise and we do not react negatively to them (create more negative potentials karma). See all negative as your own negative potentials ripening and feel regret for your past actions that caused it to bring energetic closure to it.
      • We can exhaust negative potentials with purification techniques so we do not need to experience them.
    • Do not blame others. Only see them with compassion -the wish that they would not suffer e.g. anger is a delusion / a mental illness that inflicts them to make them behave in ways they would not if their mind was calm.
      • we do not see bad things happening to others as their karma ripening, that lesson is pointed only at our self – we only see them with compassion, that they are suffering and we wish it to end.  (For too long we blamed others and felt sorry for our selves – this reverses that selfish thinking).
    • Create the positive potentials for what you want carefully (beware of  over manifesting e.g.  “the secret” that turns your amazing inner being into a slave.) Better to dedicate the merit created as we will need a large store to make the breakthrough to enlightenment (e.g. fuel the rocket ship).
    All of these energetic potentials are stored in our own mind. We can clean and purify it. It is like clouds covering the sun. We can become clarity.2. Impermance
  • Death can come at any time. Be prepared. Make time for spiritual practice now. Your spiritual being’s gains in understanding are the only thing that will go on after this life ends.  All the education, skills, relationships, money, belongings disappear.
  • Wealth, fame, praise, and success are fleeting. We do not make them our goal, but when we are aligned with higher purpose, they will often follow to us.
  • Everything is this world is constantly changing. It is exactly because it is always changing that we can change and transform in positive ways.
    • Permanentism: our wrong view sees this world as permanent and unchanging and is a source of our  unhappiness. Or we see “one thing” as permanent and unchanging e.g. usually as a creator god.       [why would we limit God to think that he/she can’t learn new things, evolve to be even greater.]
      • If one thing can’t move, than anything that touches it can’t move/change, therefore nothing can move/change which we can see is false.
    • Nihilism – the other extreme view that is wrong – says nothing exists. There are no true nihilists.
    • The correct middle view: Things exist but just not in the way we think they do. (i.e. It’s a hologram.) Interdependance is the way the world works.

3. Precious Human Life / Good Rebirth in Future Lives

  • This life is very precious. It is very hard to find the ideal conditions for doing spiritual practice like we have now. Even in this human realm, many people suffer with not enough to eat,  poverty, live in war zones, suffer from delusions like greed or pleasure seeking,  or do not have the opportunity or mental faculties to learn.  Make the most of it.
  • With an understanding of cyclic rebirth / reincarnation, we want to  definitively avoid actions that lead to a poor rebirth in the future  (even denser, lower energetic vibrational realms:  anger leads  to rebirth in  hell (an ICU for extreme healing) , greed to hungry ghost, competitiveness to animal realms).
  • Even the jealous gods are not free from delusions (Greek and Roman Gods), and formless god realm beings eventually take uncontrolled rebirth.
  • We want to cultivate virtuous actions to lead to a high rebirth – beyond cyclic existence. Heaven realms and pure lands are places of limitless spiritual growth.
  • We do not want to be a High Maintenance Recipient of God’s care forever in this human realm. For billions of lives, you have been a prince and a pauper, a slave and a master, a king and a peasant – aren’t you tired of this yet. We need to learn, transform, and move on to our next lessons. There is so much more to learn.
  • Buddhist do not fear death, they fear uncontrolled rebirth (being trapped in cyclic existence).

4. Defects of Samsara – Cyclic existence. “This world sucks, transcend it quickly.”

  • There is manifest suffering in this world – poverty, hunger, war, abuse.  We selfishly try to protect me and mine, and cause harm to others to achieve our own happiness. Selfishness is our real enemy, the cause of all of the world’s problems.
  • We are all the same – we seek happiness and avoid suffering. We crave pleasure – we want what we want (attachment)  and are upset if we do not get it and fear losing it once we do get it. We get what we do not want (aversion – we are just as energetically connected to what we hate as what we love).  We are in the desire realm – a wonderful place to manifest when we understand how it works and are in mental balance.  When out of balance (lack of equanimity), it creates great unhappiness.
  • There is mental suffering in this world – anger, worry, stress, and other delusions take us captive until we definitively break free of them.
  • Ignorance of how we really exist is the underlying cause of all our suffering. (We forgot it is an illusory realm, so we think it is all real/permanent/unchanging). This is an ordinary perceptual realm, nothing scary. It is just the way form exists . (As light – energy moving very slowly).
  • Selfishness is our real enemy, therefore we train our mind to think of others – we think only of benefiting others (the antidote to selfishness) to break free of samsara’s grasp. To return to balance – equanimity.
  • We are separated from Perfection – spiritual angst, loneliness. Until we return home to Perfection, we will not be forever happy.  This world is not our true home. We must break free.
  • Everlasting Happiness exists. Eternal Life exists (no death/uncontrolled rebirth). Perfection is calling us.  There is a Path Home.

But what about all those others who are suffering, will we just abandon them to eternal unhappiness? No.  We promise that once we are “forever free”, we will come back and help others to become free.

Hearing this promise, advanced spiritual beings who are already free, work tirelessly to help us become free so that we can help others. This is the Great Vehicle of the Mahayana, the swift  path to full and complete enlightenment (awakening).[Buddha means Awakened One. Buddha Shakymuni,  Jesus, Gandhi, and others have  taught the Mahayana, trying to put into words aspects of the energetic path of  The Eternal Religion. Wake up from the dream!]