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Learn to lead simple qigong movement exercises and relaxation techniques including breathing exercises, focusing exercises, self massage (simple acupressure), and beginning meditation.



Benefits of participating:

Included in all programs:

  • Easy to learn qigong movements – gentle relaxing movements – which have been shown to benefit people of all ages.
  • Certification to lead the movements
  • Modules introduce each movement with an specific focus, and then organize them into various practice sessions to see how to combine use in different ways
  • Education on what is tai chi qigong, its benefits, and how it works from a Western and Eastern perspective.
  • Program certification with written evaluation and return demonstration of movement exercises.


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Training Specifically for Programs for People with Special Needs

Do you have clients with special needs?

We have a Tai Chi Qigong Exercise Leader Training Program designed specifically for:


  • Day programs serving people with cognitive impairment (TBI)
  • Day Programs for people with developmental disabilities
  • Day programs serving people with physical or cognitive impairments
  • Alzheimer and Dementia Programs
  • Day Programs for people with developmental disabilities

Sitting and Standing Exercises Versions