Tai Chi movements are well known for improving balance, flexibility, muscle strengthening, and providing some aerobic conditioning. These simplified Tai Chi movements provide access to some of the benefits of tai chi without requiring a great deal of time to learn a serial form.

  • Learn the Movements
  • Practice Series

Step 1 Protect the Knees – learn to move safely and not harm the knees.

Step 2 Learn the Movements – Individual Movements:Tai chi start, Open the curtains, Rainbow dance, Swimming (rolling shoulders), Separate the clouds, Row the boat, Lift the ball, Turn and look at the moon, Patty cake, Cloud Hands, Punching / ride horse, Wild flying goose, Turn in a wheel, Wave rolls in, Flying pigeon, Touch the sea, look at the sky, Marching, Tai chi close, Tai Chi Walking

Step 3 Practice –  practice the movements in a series

Step 1 Protect the Knees

Protect the Knees
The knees are not meant to go past the toes, or bend inward and outward laterally. Learn safe knee movements to protect the knees in tai chi and in daily life.

Step 2 Learn the Individual Movements

Click on the name link to view each video:

Tai chi start

Open the curtains

Rainbow dance

Swimming (rolling shoulders)

Separate the clouds

Row the boat

Lift the ball

Turn and look at the moon

Patty cake

Cloud Hands

Punching / ride horse

Wild flying goose

Turn in a wheel

Wave rolls in

Flying pigeon

Touch the sea, look at the sky


Tai chi close

Tai Chi Walking

Step 3 Practice 

Mini Tai Chi Practice Session At the Lake (8 min)

Tai Chi Movements Practice Session At the Lake (12 min)

More practice sessions in exotic locations are  available. See shop – online streaming videos.