Learn to Relax and Energize with Vitality Qigong

This course helps us to relax and energize.

  • Step 1 De-stress by defusing tension and anxiety, and strong emotions like anger
  • Step 2 Relaxing with Deep Breathing
  • Step 3 Relaxing with Gentle Movement
  • Step 4 Learn Vitality Qigong
  • Step 5 Practice

Learn to Relax and Energize with Vitality Qigong

Step 1 De-stress

A. Defusing tension and anxiety

  • if you are nervous or upset over something using laughter can reset your mood.
  • This video uses big belly laughs to release tension in the shoulders. Laughter is very effective. Research has shown that it also boosts the immune system.


B. Defusing strong emotions like anger

  • If you have a great deal of anger, sadness, or frustration, this exercise can help you relax so you can participate in the rest of the session. Do first at the beginning of the session, or if strong emotions are arising that need to be released.

Tossing the Ball Sitting Version

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Step 2 Relaxing with Deep Breathing

Benefits of Relaxing with Deep Breathing


Step 3 Relaxing with Gentle Movement

Relax with these simple movements.

Warm up Exercises (15 min)


Step 4 Vitality Qigong

Vitality Series  exercises (15 min)

3. Leg exercises (3 min)


Step 5 Practice

1. Vitality Practice Session 1 (15 min)


Terms of Use

Please Note: As with any exercise, the practice of the exercises and meditation techniques described on this DVD may carry risks.  The Information presented are not in any way intended as a substitute for medical, mental or emotional counseling with a licensed physician or healthcare provider.  The viewer should consult a professional before undertaking any movement, meditative arts, health or exercises programs to reduce the chance of injury or any other harm that may result from pursuing or trying any technique discussed on this DVD.  Any physical or other distress experienced during or after any exercise should not be ignored and should be brought to the attention of a healthcare professional.  The creators and publishers of the content found on this DVD disclaim any liabilities for loss in connection with following any of the practices described, and their implementation are at the discretion, decision, and risk of the viewer.