Tai Chi movements are well known for improving balance, flexibility, muscle strengthening, and providing some aerobic conditioning. These simplified Tai Chi movements provide access to some of the benefits of tai chi without requiring a great deal of time to learn a serial form. This version has modified the exercise into a sitting only form. It is fun and easy to do!

This five step program will help you learn how to do the exercises easily and simply.

Video Logistics:

The play button is on the video and in the lower left corner of the video.
The scroll bar lets you move through the video or go back and forth easily.
The volume slider lets you increase or decrease the volume.
The expander button (four arrows) in the far right corner will may the video full screen. Then hit esc (escape key) to return to the smaller size.
Warm up Exercises

Use these warm up exercises at the beginning of each session.
Loosen the Joints (5 min)

Step 1 Learn the Movements – Mini Tai Chi

Learn Mini Tai Chi Movements (18 min)



Step 2 Practice Mini Tai Chi

Here are some practice sessions to get to know the movements better. When you have learned these then move onto step3.

Mini Tai Chi Practice Session 1 (15 min)

Mini Tai Chi Practice Session 2 in Cancun (15 min)



Step 3 Learn More Movements – TCM 9

Learn Tai Chi Movements 9 (17 min)

Short 5 minute Practice Session (5 min)


Step 4 Tai Chi Movements Practice

Here are some practice session of the full 18 movements.

Tai Chi Movements Practice Session 1 in Cancun (15 min)

Tai Chi Movements Practice Session 2 in Cancun (15 min)


Step 5 Tai Chi Movements Story Practice Sessions

Now to help you remember the movements in order, we are putting them into a story.

Tai Chi Movements Story Practice Session 1 (15 min)

Tai Chi Movements Story Practice Session 2 (15 min)

Tai Chi Movements Story Practice Session (30 minutes)

Congratulations! You did it!

If you enjoyed this series, consider advancing on to the Learn the Sitting Tai Chi form.

Terms of Use

Please Note: As with any exercise, the practice of the exercises and meditation techniques described on this DVD may carry risks.  The Information presented are not in any way intended as a substitute for medical, mental or emotional counseling with a licensed physician or healthcare provider.  The viewer should consult a professional before undertaking any movement, meditative arts, health or exercises programs to reduce the chance of injury or any other harm that may result from pursuing or trying any technique discussed on this DVD.  Any physical or other distress experienced during or after any exercise should not be ignored and should be brought to the attention of a healthcare professional.  The creators and publishers of the content found on this DVD disclaim any liabilities for loss in connection with following any of the practices described, and their implementation are at the discretion, decision, and risk of the viewer.