Rainbow sun qigong was developed by Ellie Drew, who felt it was divinely inspired. It is a gathering of energies and then directing those energies for healing.

  • Step 1 Learn the Movements
  • Step 2 Practice using a story to remember the movements


Rainbow sun qigong was developed by Ellie Drew.

It is a gathering of energies and then directing those energies for healing.


Step 1 Learn the Movements

Learn the Movements  (24 minutes)


Step 2 Practice

Practice Session (15 minutes)

Rainbow Sun Qi Gong


Learning how to work with energy (qi).


Center & Ground – Pull energy in like a turtle & bring attention to lower dan tien.

Note: (3) = do three times

PART I Warm up

Purpose: Prepare the body and mind for qi cultivation.

1 – Pat the Bear (pat body – kidneys, down back of legs, up front of legs, groin, pause/breathe, up side, armpit, heart point, down front of arm & up back, shoulder/hold elbow, across chest, down front, pause/breathe, repeat other side)

2 – Bouncing Tiger (60 seconds)

3 – Hold the Moon, Reach the Stars (3 times) (turn at heart, hold at top, bend over head, hold at top, down side with wrist at 90°)

4 – Twisting Dragon (turn at waist with natural swing)

5 – Lazy Monkey Wakes Up (3) (hang, shake, Ha x3, up, back of hands together, bend back, ah, repeat x3, move)


PART II Gathering Qi

Purpose: Focus attention. Increase awareness of qi. Balance qi. Align the body/mind posture.

1 – Hold Rainbow Sun (6+) (play with beach ball – circle forward)

2 – Gather the colors (3+) (lose beach ball – circle backward, rock on toes & heel)

3 – Ride the Wave (6) (ball floats on wave – rock, float up inhale, sink elbows down exhale)

4 – Gather Earth, Gather Heaven (3) (build sandcastle low & high)

5 – Infinity (3+) (call friends – scoop & dump into lower hand)

6 – Harmony (6) (play with beach ball – top & bottom)



Purpose: Clear stagnation. Replenish Qi stores.

1 – Draw Down Rainbow Sun (3+) (using breath – clear thoughts, emotion, body – arms up outside & down middle palms down)

2 – Fill 3 Centers (same motion, fill forehead, heart, lower dantien)

3 – Stand in Rainbow Sun (stand in ball, in pores, store energy in body parts)

4 – Heal with Rainbow Sun (specific part, kidney-tired, lower dantien – full body)

5 – Stand in Stillness (hands on lower dantien)



Purpose: Seal in qi after cultivation.

1 – Rub hands together, place palms over eyes, roll each direction (6)

2 – Rub hands, massage face (3)

3 – Run fingers over scalp (3), cup hands & pat scalp (3)

4 – Massage ears until hot, hot, hot

5 – Massage back of neck (C7) & shoulders each side

6 – Seal in Rainbow Sun energy with brush down. (front to feet, down arms, kidney down legs & up inner leg to groin)

Close feet, smile, have a wonder-filled day.