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The Goal – The Relaxed and Alert State

relaxed and alert

We are the most alive and function the best when we are RELAXED on the outside (in our body and ordinary mind) and

ALERT on the inside (in our inner intuitive wisdom mind and connected to our spirit).

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 DVDs & Online Streaming

Personal Wellness Tools for Adults, Students, and Families adult wellness

  • Qigong: Inner Balance, Healing Movements and Meditations, Qigong for Healing
  • Tai chi qigong: Tai Chi Movements, Tai Chi Easy
  • Relaxation Techniques: Anti-Aging Relaxation Techniques
  • Movement Practice Sessions:  On Safari in South Africa and other exotic locations
  • Daily Lessons – Person Wellness Program (13 DVDs with 60 15 minute healthy lifestyle lessons) – the perfect gift for the stressed out


Online Classes to Learn a New Skill

A Quick and Easy way to learn a new strategy to make you healthier and happier. Instant Online Access.

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Low Cost Courses

  • Learn Simple Meditation –  Learn four simple guided meditations to relax the body and calm the mind. 

    Relaxation Techniques

    Learn Simple Meditation

  • Learn Tai Chi Movements – Learn 18 simplified movements from Tai chi to help you relax and strengthen the body.

    Healing Movements – Standing

    Learn Tai Chi Movements

  • Learn Tai Chi Easy – This simplified tai chi series starts with sitting movements, then standing, stepping and finally walking. 

    Healing Movements – Standing

    Learn Tai Chi Easy

    $19.97 $14.97
  • Learn to Direct Energy for Self Healing– Rainbow sun qigong was developed by Ellie Drew. It is a gathering of energies and then directing those energies for healing in your body. Can be done sitting or standing. 

    Healing Movements – Standing

    Learn to Direct Energy for Self Healing

  • Learn Sitting Tai Chi Easy -Learn a seven movement sitting tai chi form. 

    Healing Movements – Sitting

    Learn Sitting Tai Chi Easy

    $19.97 $14.97
  • Learn Sitting Tai Chi Movements– Learn 18 simplified sitting movements from Tai chi to help you relax and strengthen the body. 

And many Qigong Practice sessions in exotic locations like Hawaii, Cancun, Peru, South Africa, and more.