Swimming (Rolling the arms) – improve shoulder and neck flexibility, and lose weight.  Good for heart & lungs as hand passes by.  Good for reducing stress and panic.

Simple version – do the front crawl swimming motion to relax the shoulders.

Moderate version: make a modified punching motion bringing the arm up near the shoulder to the ear and then push forward. Leave the arm out and bring the other one back toward the heart and then up again to the ear to punch.

Traditional version:

  • Keep your feet still and raise your arms to shoulder height with right arm forwards and left arm pointing backward with both palms up.  Look at your left hand behind you.  Bring your left hand up towards you and turn your body to face the front.
  • Bring both hands towards you so that the left hand with palm down passes just above your left ear can comes to center at the chest while your right hand drops slightly and come to the center of your chest (The left hand passes over right hand just in front of your chest).
  • Then turn to the right and push your left hand forward. Turn your right hand palm down and push your hand to the back.  As your right arm begins to extend, turn both palms so that they face up.
  • Repeat to the right side.

Breathe in as the hand pushes forward and breath out as it comes back inward – Or breathe in on one side and breathe out on the other side.