Sitting Qigong for Seniors

Published in 2010, this DVD is a compilation of movements specifically created for Seniors and Adults with limited mobility. It gathers some of my favorite movements that benefit people of all ages but are especially good for seniors and those that sit much of their day.

Many of these techniques are “use it or lose it” movements that target areas that seniors may start to lose flexibility in over time if not practiced on a regular basis. It is easier to keep flexibility than regain it once lost. Much of it can be regained with effort, especially in the shoulders, truck, and legs. Stay flexible in mind and body as you age.  Keep your choices of clothing and activity by staying active, moving however you can move.

First learn the movements, and then use the practice sessions.

  • Lesson 1 Learn the Movements
  • Lesson 2 Practice Sessions

Terms of Use

Please Note: As with any exercise, the practice of the exercises and meditation techniques described on this DVD may carry risks.  The Information presented are not in any way intended as a substitute for medical, mental or emotional counseling with a licensed physician or healthcare provider.  The viewer should consult a professional before undertaking any movement, meditative arts, health or exercises programs to reduce the chance of injury or any other harm that may result from pursuing or trying any technique discussed on this DVD.  Any physical or other distress experienced during or after any exercise should not be ignored and should be brought to the attention of a healthcare professional.  The creators and publishers of the content found on this DVD disclaim any liabilities for loss in connection with following any of the practices described, and their implementation are at the discretion, decision, and risk of the viewer.

First learn the movements, and then use the practice sessions.

Warm Up ( 15 minutes)

Vitality (15 minutes)

Hips and Shoulders (12 minutes)

Tai Chi Movements 8 – SITTING (18 minutes)

Tai Chi Movements – STANDING (13 minutes)

Sitting Practice Sessions



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