Qigong for Seniors – standing version

Published in 2010, this DVD is a compilation of movements specifically created for Seniors. It gathers some of my favorite movements that benefit people of all ages but are especially good for seniors and those that sit much of their day.

Many of these techniques are “use it or lose it” movements that target areas that seniors may start to lose flexibility in over time if not practiced on a regular basis. It is easier to keep flexibility than regain it once lost. Much of it can be regained with effort, especially in the shoulders, truck, and legs. Stay flexible in mind and body as you age.  Keep your choices of clothing and activity by staying active, moving however you can move.

It includes warm up stress reducing movements, general relaxation movements, movements for relaxing hips and shoulders, stretching for improved flexibility,  twisting movements for improved digestion, reaching movements to improve core strength, arm and leg  strengthening movements, and movements from tai chi that improved balance and can reduce falls. It is excellent for improving  high blood pressure, arthritis, chronic pain, and most chronic illness. Many participants have regained use of affected extremities after stroke, and improved memory using these techniques.

First learn the movements, then use the practice sessions to pull it all together.

Learn the Movements

First learn the movements, then use the practice sessions to pull it all together.

Warm Up (18 minutes)

Vitality (11 minutes)

Hips and Shoulders (12 minutes)

Tai Chi Movements (15 minutes)

Strengthen Legs (3 minutes)

Tai Chi Walking (3 minutes)


PRACTICE SESSION 1 (17 minutes)

PRACTICE SESSION 2 (18 minutes)

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