Inner Balance

This DVD is a designed to promote inner balance and relaxation. It includes three movement series, two breathing exercises and three meditations. The movements promote relaxing  and a return to balance.  The meditations help you to calm your mind and return to a better balanced state of mind. There are four practice sessions to give you a variety of exercise combinations to use long-term.

  • Learn the Movements (Relaxing, VItality, Inner Balance)
  • Meditations
  • Practice Sessions

Learn Breathing

Learn Relaxing Movements

Pat the Body


Reach and Stretch


Hula Hoop

Lazy Monkey Wakes Up

Learn Vitality Qigong

Floating Arms


Seed and Flower

Support the Sky

Spontaneous Movement

Learn Inner Balance Movements

Hold Dan Tien

Up and Down

In and Out

Side to Side

Turn the Waist

Giant Bear Stretches

Peeping Monkey

Bird Spreads his Wings

Supporting the Sky

Walking on Cloud


Learn Monkey Walk

Walking on Clouds Walking

Learn simple Meditations

Relax the Body (10 minutes)

Calm the Mind (4 minutes)

Gathering the Five Senses (6 minutes)

Practice Sessions

Relaxation (13 minutes)

Inner Balance (15 minutes)

Making Time for Me (16 minutes)

Moving Meditation (10 minutes)

Bonus Material:

Vitality Practice Session on Safari (15 minutes)

Making Time for Me Practice Session in Hermanus, South Africa (15 minutes)