Being Relaxed And Alert


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How to Become Relaxed and Alert

Step 1. Understand the harms of stress on your body, mind, relationships, and health –  You do not need to be pushing and stressed to be productive. It actually makes you less productive.

Step 2. Understand the benefits of a Relaxed and Alert Lifestyle – A relaxed and alert state is a healthier and more productive way of being.

Step 3. Make a Firm Decision to reduce your stress level – This is the most important step.   It must be a firm decision.

Step 4. Create a Plan

  • Stress levels are based on your perceptions of stress, not necessarily the severity of the external causes.
    • Some people living in highly stressful lives such as poverty can be happy and live relatively stress free.
    • Some people living relatively low stress lives such as wealth can be miserable and stressed out. Money can help, but it can not buy happiness.
    • It is possible to live a contented and  relatively low stress life no matter what your external circumstances.
  • Use relaxation techniques to reduce your current stress levels so you can think more clearly.  Tools and techniques offered on this website can help!
  • Reduce the stress causing factors you have control over in your life.
  • Gain a new perspective on those factors you can not control that cause stress in your life.
  • Create new habits! A new way of relating to your world.

Step 5. Do it!

  • Catch yourself when you slip back into old poor habits. Remind yourself of the firm decision you made and why. Try again!
  • Admire being relaxed and alert. Admire holding a calm mind in difficult situations.
  • Congratulate yourself and celebrate when you use the new healthier habits and perceptions. Reinforce the positive gains you have made.

Our wellness programs walk you through the process of becoming Relaxed and Alert.