Affiliate Program – Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

  • You must have an active membership in the Relaxed and Alert Membership site to participate in the Affiliate Program
  • You will receive a commission payment of 25% of the sales price on all product purchased from the store by visitors you refer to our site – This applies to product you buy as well!
  • You will receive a commission of 25% of all Membership Fees for all memberships purchased by visitors who you refer to our site
  • The cookie (a little code left on the visitor’s computer that tells us that you referred them) remains active for 31 days.  This means you get credit for a purchase by them if it is done within the first month of their visit.
  • You will be assigned a unique link that you can place on your website or include in an email.
  • You will have access to banners for your website and sample emails that explain the benefits of the Relaxed and Alert lifestyle for you to use to promote your link.
  • Commission checks are paid monthly, with a minimum balance of USD $25.00.
  • If a Contributing Member, you agree to provide Health & Wellness Enterprises LLC perpetual licensing rights to the content that is edited, produced, and/or integrated into a Journey by Health & Wellness Enterprises LLC.
  • You agree that Health & Wellness Enterprises LLC has the right to remove and cease promoting any or all products and services at anytime at its sole discretion.