Corporate Wellness Program

Easy, low-cost programs that will help your employees be more productive!

Wellness programs average a 5:1 ROI because they consistently help businesses of all sizes
increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and contain employee healthcare costs.

Benefits of participating:

Included in all programs:

  • Easy to learn tai chi movements – gentle relaxing movements
  • Evidence-based wellness topics
  • Healthy eating, exercise, and healthy coping strategies to reduce worry, frustration, and anger
  • Smoking cessation and overeating modules
  • Video lessons organized into 7 wellness belts (White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Black) with specific wellness goals
  • Each lessons includes 20 minutes of tai chi qigong movements and relaxation techniques videos and a healthy lifestyle tip of the day

Online Corporate ProgramGroup Activity Program

Who benefits from this program

Employees dealing with stress and effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices

Adults with stress related issues and unhealthy coping strategies

Who buys this program

  • Companies of 10 to 150 employees
  • Employee wellness lunch and learn providers
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) providers
  • Wellness Centers,
  • Fitness, Yoga and tai chi teachers,
  • Rec Centers
  • Senior centers and senior day programs

Benefits of this program configuration

  • Easy to administer
  • Individuals move at their own pace
  • Do at home or office
  • Monthly reports on employee progress
  • Complements any existing wellness program
  • Complete, easy to lead, step by step lesson plans for small group discussion
  • Can be packaged in multiple 4 to 8 week sessions
  • Can expand reach to new client base


  • Kickoff materials to introduce program
  • Online Personal account for each registered employee
    • 60 Tai Chi Qigong video lessons
    • Individual schedule and reminder emails
    • Wellness score
    • Personal journal
  • Wellness survey and outcome measurement tools give ongoing feedback to individuals and as an organization
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Discussion Guide for lunch and learn small group discussions
  • First month of unlimited online user accounts

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  • DVD Box Set containing all 20 lessons
  • Online training certification program to lead movements.
  • An Adult Wellness Activity Program Guide which includes the complete wellness lesson plans with handouts and evaluation mechanisms

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After 1st month trial period, only $47/employee account.
Accounts can be re-assigned to different employees at anytime.


All our DVDs available at Reseller Pricing

Recognition Tools

Recognize accomplishments of participants
in a simple yet visible way.

Build motivation, team spirit and
a feeling of success.

Wrist Bands

Colorful wristbands representing each belt in the program. Package Includes 10 of each color for a total of 70 bands.


Water Bottle

Another great way to market your program. Package Includes 10 Super squeeze action Spout Recycle Plastic # 4 - LDPE bottles



Recognize the completion of the program with a T-Shirt.

$15 each

Size :

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